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SUE WATSON AND CHRISSIE HOLMES              17th May 2018 8-00 pm 

At very short notice, two days, Sue Watson and Chrissie Holmes have agreed to stand in for "Notts Alliance who were to have been our guests but have had to cancel due to illnessThey say every cloud has a silver lining and in this case that is true because they were due to appear as a duo last August but on that occasion, unfortunately, Chrissie was unwell so she was unable to attend!  However, Sue being the trouper that she is filled the bill magnificently on her own and with a little bit of help from her friends!  The silver lining here is that we are now able to have them back as a duo! Anyone who was in the club in April 2017 when Isla St Clair was our guest will know how superbly Sue & Chrissie performed in their floor spot that night with superb
harmony and a wide range of songs.  They have relatively recently renewed a singing partnership which started before Sue started singing with Avril
Cameron as "Suave" which is best described as just "a long time ago".  They have been working up their repertoire steadily and have now done several floor spots both at FATD and Deal Friday Folk Club which have been extremely well received and I am delighted to be able to book them as a replacement for our May Guest Night!

KEITH KENDRICK & SYLVIA NEEDHAM            14 June 2018 8-00 pm

This fine English duo has been praised as being amongst the finest interpreters of traditional English songs. Four decades of performing have taken Derbyshire born-and-bred Keith all over the U.K., Europe, the U.S., and most of the globe, even Japan where he spent six months, no not hard labour!  He and Sylvia have now been performing together for more than ten years. In addition to their recorded work, they have been featured on the BBC and are a celebrated fixture at folk festivals around the World.  They have been acclaimed for “breathtaking harmony work that leaves the listener gasping.”  Drawing from a wide-ranging repertoire, the duo’s performances combine humour with a deep respect for the songs and tunes of their native land. While known for their a capella harmonies, Keith and Sylvia also frequently accompany themselves and play tunes on three different systems of the only English-invented chromatic musical instrument – the concertina!

More guest detail to follow.

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on Guest Nights but you will need to book a spot in advance. 
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