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TOM McCONVILLE                    15th March 2018 8-00 pm

Tom was born on Tyneside and brought up in a pub on the famous Scotswood Road with clientele drawn from the Irish and Scottish communities. This is where he first experienced traditional singing and fiddle music  Tom’s musical journey started in the North East folk clubs in the early 70s.  Turning professional in 1974 he joined Bob Fox in a duo then folk/rock band Magna Carta to play all over Europe.   Every new venture brought great success and immense respect from his peers and public alike. Throughout his many collaborations he has continued his solo show at venues large and small. “A sandpaper-dry wit, eye-watering skill on the fiddle, great vocals... you just can't help feeling that a performance by Tom is like visiting an old friend” is how one folk club organiser describes him.  Renowned for his musical accompaniments, Tom has played on hundreds of albums. The list includes: Barbara Dickson, Richard Thompson, Allan Taylor and Lindisfarne. Whilst he has shared stages throughout the world with Stephan Grappelli, Sean McGuire, Mark O'Connor, Paul Brady and The Chieftains, Tom has never forgotten his roots and is as happy in the intimate atmosphere of a small folk club as he is at the largest festivals. Tom McConville is a world class act!  We are delighted to have him back for his second appearance at FATD!

                5th April 2018 8-00 pm

Derek Gifford has been singing folk songs for over 30 years and is a full time folk performer known throughout the folk World as "Giff". He is an old friend of the club having performed at FATD both in his own right and as part of "Three Sheets to the Wind".  His style is based on the tradition but much of his repertoire includes contemporary songs which are written in the traditional idiom. Giff has set a number of Bury poet Keith Scowcroft's poems to music including 'When All Men Sing' which is fast becoming a folk song 'standard' across the world.  Whether accompanying himself on guitar or bowed psaltery, which his wife hates, or singing unaccompanied Giff's enthusiasm becomes contagious.  He also gives talks and workshops on the music to a variety of audiences. 'Birds in Folk Song' is a talk that Giff has given at both Broadstairs and Tenterden Folk Festivals, the latter only last month, October 2017, as he is a keen "birder", not a twitcher!  Doubtless when he is staying with me for this gig he will be out at Dungeness RSPB before breakfast!  Relaxed and confident, with sea songs, shanties and other chorus songs a speciality, Giff's festival and club performances are a real treat to encounter.  This will be a fun gig, don't miss

NOTTS ALLIANCE                 17 May 2018 8-00 pm

Regulars at many clubs and festivals, Notts Alliance is a group of unaccompanied harmony singers who emerged from the Nottingham Traditional Musical Club in the 70s and 80s. Away from their day jobs, they have built a lasting reputation as engaging performers of diverse material. Their repertoire includes arrangements of songs from some of the best of today’s songwriters including Richard Thompson, Pete Morton and  Maggie Holland as well as a good helping of traditional material.  First and foremost, they still only sing songs which they like (a wholly admirable policy, which more performers ought to adopt)!  Their   harmonies can be quite spine chilling  with the result that the selection of material is genuinely open-minded and refreshingly eclectic.  I saw them at Tenterden Folk Festival in 2016 and decided almost instantly that I wanted to book them!

KEITH KENDRICK & SYLVIA NEEDHAM            14 June 2018 8-00 pm

This fine English duo has been praised as being amongst the finest interpreters of traditional English songs. Four decades of performing have taken Derbyshire born-and-bred Keith all over the U.K., Europe, the U.S., and most of the globe, even Japan where he spent six months, no not hard labour!  He and Sylvia have now been performing together for more than ten years. In addition to their recorded work, they have been featured on the BBC and are a celebrated fixture at folk festivals around the World.  They have been acclaimed for “breathtaking harmony work that leaves the listener gasping.”  Drawing from a wide-ranging repertoire, the duo’s performances combine humour with a deep respect for the songs and tunes of their native land. While known for their a capella harmonies, Keith and Sylvia also frequently accompany themselves and play tunes on three different systems of the only English-invented chromatic musical instrument – the concertina!

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