Folk at The Drum meets every Thursday evening in the back room of the Drum Inn, Stone Street, North Stanford, although the post town is Ashford the club/pub is much closer to HYTHE, at 8.00pm on Guest Nights and  Singers' Nights. Floor singers are always welcome, although you will need to book a spot in advance on Guest Nights (Ring or e-mail David Pleasants on 01797 320518, 07890 292467, david@plesbit.net).  

Stanford, Ashford, Kent TN25 6DN

Directions to Folk at the Drum:
  1. Approach on the M20; exit from Junction 11; 
  2. Turn off the roundabout at the northern exit, signposted Canterbury, B2068; 
  3. Drive 0.8 miles then turn left onto Stone Street;
  4. The Drum is then to be found after about 50 metres on the right.
Directions inside The Drum:

Folk at the Drum is held in the back room of The Drum as indicated on the sketch plan below. If you are still lost, ask at the bar.